Our Souls To You Press

"Intense, heavy alienating yet engrossing
October File have corroded a new hole in British metal"
8 out of 10

Metal Hammer
Hypnotic, angry riffs and pounding percussion drive into the consciousness with jackhammer subtlety.
An unrelenting, bitterly single-minded and utterly invigorating listen
8 out of 10

On a third album that sums up their incendiary amalgam of thudding metal and blazing post-punk with renewed focus and fire.
One of the UK’s most intriguing bands has hit the nail square on this time.
8 out of 10

Metal Guide
Heavy, dark, angry, in-your -face, yet melodic and catchy, this album is as diverse as needed to become a favourite. One of those you can't afford to miss.
9 out of 10

Reverse Current
This album is pure fucking genius; the songs are well crafted, well written and superbly performed. It’s fast, heavy, aggressive and filled with anger.
My album of the year so far
9 out of 10

Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God Press
OCTOBER FILE - ‘Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God’ - CANDLELIGHT RECORDS October File are fucking pounding. It’s that simple. Though their debut EP slipped somewhat under the radar earlier this year, it heralded the emergence of a powerful, idea driven British metal band intent on hammering their message home. Take equal parts Ministry, Killing Joke, a pinch of Neurosis, hell even a scintilla of Discharge, and mix it together. Now add a vocalist who sounds like a full time fire breather, round it all off with a wall of sound production, and you’ve got them nailed. Aiming at the usual suspects of war, religion, environment and everything else, the result is pretty devastating. Take ‘Hi Octane Climate Changer’ to begin with. If Martin Amis played heavy metal, this is how it would be done. A dirty roll in the numerous shits of excess, money and hedonism, it also features Killing Joke’s inimitable Jaz Coleman for a vocal contribution that feels as mildly dangerous to listen to as it probably was to be around him recording it. ‘Hallowed Be Thy Army’ scorches past with flangers and a pumping drumbeat, more of that coarse roar, leaving only a vapour trail of pure aggression in its wake. Nothing this incendiary has come from Britain in a year or two: its real world outlook gives it the honesty, while its zero concern for image and strong musical genealogy mean it’s essential, hard nosed listening. [8.5] CIARÁN TRACEY

HOLY ARMOUR FROM THE JAWS OF GOD - (CANDLELIGHT) - KKKK HG WELLS’ pronouncement in 1984 that “if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever” isn’t so much a nasty quote as a mission statement for October File. Like Killing Joke taken to the absolute extreme of pessimism, and indeed featuring KJ ranter Jaz Coleman on High Octane Climate Changer, this is a super-strength, bile-filled portent of apocalyptic doom set to crushing industrialised metal fury. A touch on the bleak side, but it’s a furiously invigorating, energising record nonetheless. DOWNLOAD: Friendly Fire. FOR FANS OF: Killing Joke, Ministry. NICK RUSKELL

OCTOBER FILE - HOLY ARMOUR FROM THE JAWS OF GOD The first thing that struck me even before slipping the disc into my player was the cover art for this album. It tells a hell of a story in a single, well painted piece of art — I wish I had the final packaging to know who created it.. What it doesn’t tell you though is just how heavy and catchy this album is.

In-the-midst-of-war devastation on a sonic level mixes with melodic, yet gruffly delivered, lyrics pertaining to social and global topics. The heaviness is provided by bassist Steve Beatty and drummer John Watt. Their rhythms range from hard rock to brutalizing blasts of aural bludgeoning. Guitarist Matt Lerwill adds plenty of impact on the guitar end of things, delivering abrasive riffs and leads with a solid impact. Ben Hollyer’s vocals are gruff for the most part, but provide a decent melody on some of the catchiest chorus you can find.

Munitions Crusade The opening track fades in with a spoken bit and a freaking killer riff as groove oriented bass and drums show up. Hollyer’s vocals are gruff and fit the mid tempo track well. I’m not a fan of the sung echo on just about every line not in the chorus. It gets a bit tedious. Besides that, “Munitions Crusade” is a strong opening track.

In My Magnificent Circus Thundering drums and punk-like, crunchy bass get this one going before another catchy riff kicks in. The bass continues as Hollyer talks over it as the guitars take a momentary break. There’s a good bit of powerful and creative drumming throughout this one as Hollyer shows off with a nice vocal range — spoken lyrics combined with violent screams and shouts.

High Octane Climate Changer I love the way ‘High Octane Climate Changer” starts off. More thunderous drumming and rock grooved riffs accompany the shouted vocals before the band erupts at the one minute mark with some faster paced drums and great riffing.

Another Day This is easily the catchiest track on the album. The chorus is beyond infectious and will have you shouting at the wind with the band. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit repeat on this track in just the short time that I’ve had it in my possession. The song just has this groove to it that is genuine rock and fucking roll with a metal tinge.

Hallowed Be Thy Army A nice bit of creative drumming get this next one going before guitars erupt through the speaker. I’m not a fan of the production effect on the track. I feel it softens and distracts from what is otherwise a really aggressive and powerful track. That sound effect not withstanding, “Hallowed Be Thy Army” has some catchy riffing and rhythm work throughout.

Friendly Fire Thick bass and driving riffs open up “Friendly Fire.” The vocals don’t kick in until just before the one minute mark on this mid-paced track. The music has this reinforcing, repetitive nature to it that actually fits it quite well. I’m digging it.

Blood and Sweat This song has a very dramatic feel to it with the combination of the riffs and drum work. It’s faster paced than the last song and has that same crunchy bass methodically plundering your skull in the background. This track also has a repetitive nature to it that only serves to drive the band’s message that much deeper into your head.

Sun That Never Sets A decent riff and bass combo keep the pace going as the band shifts into “Sun That Never Sets.” This song is a bit out of place when compared to the rest of the track, which makes it a nicely timed diversion from the more aggressive material that surrounds it.

Religion? A punk influenced bass line works its way through the first few seconds before Hollyer begins his delivery as the rest of the band join the cause. Anti-religion rhetoric are on the menu as the main course for the song. Driving riffs and thundering drums help drive the nail home on this one.

So Poor The final song on Holy Armour from the Jaws of God starts off with some great drumming and infectious bass work as the guitars fade in. The opening riffs are creative and quite memorable. Hollyer’s vocals are a bit more melancholy which gives it a bit more of a serious edge to his delivery. It’s an interesting way to finish out a tremendous album.

With lyrics steeped deep in social and political commentary, October File deliver their message with a fiery, punk inspired bit of metal that’s sure to turn heads. It’s been one of those rare albums that I always seem to gravitate toward when pulling together a play list, but force myself away from for fear of playing it too much.

Favorite Tracks: In My Magnificent Circus High Octane Climate Changer Another Day Blood and Sweat